Helps to obtain cost estimation and sales forecasting

It will help you in your decision-making.

Save on food costs with smart suggestions

Projections by production unit and batch

Data and numbers to optimise all of your work

Feeding projections

It shows the amount of food to supply per day. How much the fish will eat on a daily basis. The tool at the end of the cycle will show the most profitable management model according to the information.

Growth projections

It tells us how much the fish has grown per day. The fish enters at a weight and shows when it will reach marketable size on a specific date. This will help you to make sales projections.

Mortality projections

Displays the mortality rate in percentage (%) per day. It is fed by the casualties that are introduced in the flock.

Feeding cost projections

It shows the feeding cost at each outlet and the projected feeding according to the prices that have been recorded.

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