Production units

Organise all your production units

In active production units it is possible to carry out:

Average weight biometrics

Batch counting

Losses depending on the cause

Classification and transfers

Water parameter measuring

Export your production activity report with one click

Smartwater Cloud allows you to export all your production activities to Excel with a single click, so you can view and analyse all your KPIs in detail.

Easily add your production units

In each production unit, the sowing can be carried out with all the data to identify it perfectly: 

Average weight biometrics

Depending on the batch, date, production unit and sample weights. The average weight of the seeded batch is automatically displayed. The biomass is automatically adjusted.

Counts of the entire sown batch

Losses according to cause, date and number of casualties

It is necessary to have this data updated because from these actions the biomass and feeding is adjusted.

Classification and transfers allow batches to be moved from one unit to another.

Another lot name can be given. It is usually made for sale.

It measures water quality and fish health.

Connect your MEDUSA device and obtain the physical and chemical parameters of the water.

No commitment and no credit card required.

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