La acuicultura del futuro

¿What will the fish farms of the future look like?

In the near future, aquaculture will not be a complement to fishing, but a natural evolution of a need that requires effective solutions to guarantee food for the population. 

As happened with livestock farming, which represented an evolution of hunting, aquaculture is the future towards which humanity is sailing and for which environments such as fish farms are needed to guarantee food production in a scenario marked by sustainability and respect for the environment.

Sustainability is the key word that defines the future of mankind, and when it comes to fish farm management, the real challenge facing the sector is to get the best out of a limited product. 

Aquaculture represents an economic sector that contributes, on average, an increase of 5% to the GDP of a country that invests in this type of industry. Investment in this area must therefore be geared towards achieving a level of management that is typical of a business environment that makes use of state-of-the-art management tools.

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    A sector in full expansion.

    By 2030, production in the aquaculture sector is expected to exceed 100 million tonnes worldwide. This represents an annual growth of more than 4% on the basis of the data currently available. Many experts predict that by 2030, those countries that commit to aquaculture by implementing an economy based on the efficient management of marine and ocean resources will see their efforts compensated by an expected income of close to 3 trillion dollars. 

    However, if there is one thing the aquaculture industry demonstrates, it is that it is a very versatile sector that requires special attention given its nature and the enormous responsibility it entails to feed the growing population that inhabits our planet. 

    A technology that cuts the learning curve.

    The future of fish farming inexorably depends on a much better understanding of the needs of the farm, on making decisions at the right time and, in short, on interpreting the data from the different production units in an appropriate way in order to compare it with experience. 

    Only fish farms that live with state-of-the-art technologies will be able to embark on a successful and sustainable future. And to do so, medium-sized farms do not need to make huge investments in order to adapt to a future that presents one challenge after another. Relying on platforms that grow as their business grows represents an opportunity to implement a survival strategy based on a cloud-based management model that facilitates the sharing of information and resources.

    And it is precisely in the cloud that we find the solution to face the future with guarantees. Cloud management applications specialised in the aquaculture sector offer a reliable environment that, thanks to a competitive subscription fee, grows as the business and the industry in general grows, making them perhaps the best ally for adapting the farm to the needs of the sector in the future.

    Sustainability and respect for the environment

    The future is marked by the special care of the planet’s resources as a model that guarantees the  model that guarantees the sustainability of the environment. And this leads to the creation of  different levels of certification and quality models. Fish farms must  therefore have to comply with ever stricter regulations that must be applied in an effective way in every biomass farm.  effectively for each biomass farm to ensure that it meets the changing needs of a living, breathing environment. changing needs of a living and versatile environment.

    The correct management of the different certifications that each region and country is a crucial task for a fish farm that wants to survive in the future. fish farm that wants to survive in the future. Furthermore, linking all these levels of certification certification levels to the appropriate farm will greatly facilitate access to vital information that can information that can represent the commercial and structural success of a fish farm. structural success of a farm operating in markets that are constantly adapting to new legislation and regulations. constantly adapting to new legislation and regulations.

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