Smartwater Planet Distributors

Advantages of being an official distributor

The distributor who decides to work with our brands, while maintaining his business independence, benefits from a brand image, financing facilities and training and assistance that will allow him to compete in the market from a privileged position, thanks to a wide range of advantages that our system provides and that differentiate him from the competition.

All products created and developed by Smartwater Planet’s R&D team enjoy the highest quality standards that identify original Smartwater Planet products. We guarantee business stability, sales growth and investment in the development of future products and services.

From its call centre, Smartwater Planet always offers you a response adapted to your needs for the advice you require or the resolution of problems. 

Becoming part of a consolidated commercial formula with experience in the market contributes to reducing risks and errors. Smartwater Planet Official Distributors have restricted access to technical documentation, training course documentation, administrative documentation, electronic spare parts catalogue, etc.

Smartwater Planet Official Distributors receive an excellent qualification in commercial and service matters, through individualised or generic training courses via their exclusive online training portal. Proper staff training is the cornerstone of service and we strive to provide our dealers with the necessary tools to ensure proper training of their staff.

All Official Distributors are present on the official Smartwater Planet website on a global level, thus enhancing their visibility in their area. At the same time, they have support in the design of their showroom or facilities, personalised catalogues, promotional videos, demonstration days, etc. so that they can carry out their activity in an optimum manner.

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